mounting location for trumpets/comp from shocker 540

going to be getting a 540 and want to know a couple things

  1. is there a right or wrong way to mount the horns? by that, i mean can i separate them and aim them at different parts of the car and still get a good sound or will it sound scattered or uneven having them positioned at different parts and in different directions?

  2. the compressor. is the stock compressor from the 540 kit be mounted upside down or sideways? is that recommended against? just wondering how i can mount these things under the jeep.

first round of newbee questions from me :smiley: thanks!

You can mount the horns in any direction to get them to fit. It won’t ruin the sound.

From the Viar FAQ thread:

Q: Is it possible to mount the compressor sideways? Must it be mounted with the cylinder upright?
A: Yes, you can mount our compressors in any direction or position because they are oil-less. The only position we do not recommend is an upside-down mount, since heat tends to travel upward.

Q: If I mount my compressor sideways, like on the frame rail of my truck, is there anything I should be careful of when doing this?
A: If you mount your compressor sideways to the frame rail, you should periodically check to make sure that your compressor is mounted securely. Use a thread-locking compound to keep the screws from backing off and causing the compressor to be mounted loosely.

Try keeping the hose lengths from the valves to the horns about the same.