mounting tank and compressor under truck?

I have noticed at several pics where people have mounted there tanks and compressors under the truck on the sides of the frame. I have a 2007 dodge mega cab 4x4 and mounting the tank and compressor there would be great but my concern is dirt, mud and water that would be getting on the compressor. Will this be a problem for the compressor?
I know this has probably already been asked but i have not had time to look at every thing on this site.
Thanks again

It’ll be fine man. I had an OB2 mounted for over a year on mine, just rinse it off once in a while and make sure you have a clean air filter.


I thought compressors MUST stay dry?!

^^^Only the air inlet.

Most Viairs and AZs are sealed and can handle some water.

From Viar’s FAQ:
Q: How can I tell whether the compressor is sealed or non-sealed?
A: Manufacturers will normally specify if a compressor is sealed against moisture and dust, and in many cases, you can tell the difference by simply inspecting the compressor. If you see vents, holes in the motor housing, then the compressor is not sealed and must be kept away from dust and moisture.

Q: Is it important to have a sealed and moisture-resistant compressor?
A: Depending on the mounting location of the compressor, this is extremely important. The preference of a sealed-type compressor is due to the fact that compressors are likely to be exposed to outside elements, such as mounting to a chassis rail.

I’ve got mine mounted under the cab on the inside of the frame rail. I have the compressor intake plumbed into the cab with a filter on it. Should not be any problem, just like is said above, hose the compressor off every now and then.

If it’s a newer Viair, most likely it’s sealed with gaskets so no worries with dirt and water (unless maybe if you like to cross lakes with your truck). Just have to keep the filter in a [very] dry, relatively clean place and make sure the tube from the filter to the compressor intake is on snug.
Give us the model of your compressor to be sure.

Always mount the air intake filter in a dry location for any compressor.

Oasis compressors are not sealed but they can withstand many harsh environments with a little preventive maintenance like maintaining the oil level and occasionally spraying the motor’s brush area with WD40 or “Fluid Film”.

In dry weather use WD40 twice a month or Fluid Film twice a year. In humid or wet weather use them twice as much. When mounted under a vehicle in an area where they de-ice the roads in winter use WD40 at the end of every day or Fluid Film every other month.