mustang train horn help

Hi everyone Im new here. Im a locomotive engineer for NJ Transit. Get to play with K5LAs all day! I own a 2007 Mustang and I want to put horns on it. However I only want real train horns. I figure that a K3la is the smallest multi chime horn I can find. What I want to know is has anyone put something like this in a car like mine?


Ok, that’s just not cool! One of my favorite things is to blow mine in traffic, then look around like I am trying to figure out who blew the horn. Having them on the trunk gives that away in a heartbeat, plus cops may give him a hard time with them mounted there.

Might be able to do something like this

sweet set up

p3 might be smaller and able to fit somewhere

won’t the duty cycle be shortened by mounting the compressors upsidedown?

mines upside down never had a problem

Lance said it would shorten the duty cycle in another thread because heat rises heating the compressor sooner.

It’ll only lessen the duty cycle if they get hot…they can be mounted upside down, but if exposed to moving air, standing heat should be no problem