my 08 silverado couple pics for now

im at work right now so ill have to get a few more pics posted when i get home.

that looks sweet man! u should def paint the horns black tho! would be bad donkey!!

yeah i was saving that for a winter project when i have nothing to do but now i work way to much. i’ll get it looking good here soon.

Awesome man. I love black chevys. I have an 03 lifted Silverado with a 20008 kit. The K-3s are nice though…I drool. lol I gotta represent the shockers though.

Think about lifted your truck or doing anything to it?


yeah i just got it about 2 months ago so i have to get my money back in order before i do anything to major.

looks tight

thank you. ill get more pics up later.

Nice setup and nice truck!

thanks guys. i just got this truck not that long ago i still have to install my 2 sets of shocker S4s on here. just waiting on the time to work on it.


nice man welcome to the forums!