my 1st beepings at mates and there reactions

well i just finished installing my k5la at lunch on friday, so at 4 after work a few boys all waited arround for the compressors to pick up pressure, sure enough after 5min of car idling i just hoped in and started to leave then as i got closer to them i let the horns off, every one jumped 5 feet in teh air and they knew it was comming.

I then went to a mate shouse who left early from work drove passed could see him and his neighbours talking havinga beer, so i drove up teh street called him up and said hey man wanna hear teh horns he said ok im out teh front anyway, said yep i saw you ill be a minute so him and his neighbout are there waiting making the ‘chain pulling horn action’ so i let her rip i get a phone call from him him 2 minutes later saying he now has 2 crying kids and 1 annoyed neighbour. So i told him i did warn you then he told me i better turn them down a bit i said yea i should (but i like 200psi so i won’t)

scare today house mate went to car so i used my normal horn to get her attention to block her ears so she did then i let her rip she still jumped and she said she could hear a kid scream, so im still in car trying to install crash cam then a i get aphone call from a mate that lives 1mile away said hey did u install your horns yet i said yes then he said you could of called in while u drove past. I told him hey im still in my drive way he didn’t beleave me so he called mick who lives 1.5miles in another direction and told him to stick his head out teh window, so i let them rip again mick said ‘was that mat were is he?’ i said my place. then they showed there concern over how loud it actully was.

After this the neighbour came out looking arround at me so i shruged my shoulder and pointed to the next door neighbours house who have a much bigger 4x4 and are more ratbagish. But i can clearly be heard in at least 3m radius mind you i am on top of a hill kind of but still good for in town conditions.

Yes spelling and grammar are prolly bad but meh.

after this horn in my drive way i went for a drive and thats were my other post in here starts

No offense but I couldn’t even read your story. Nothing made any sense.

I got most of it! Just read it really fast!

gros21 - glad you’re liking your new horns. People just don’t understand how loud they are!

Yea that’s me random and makes no sence my bad

Hmmm… Very exciting and all. Just make sure you don’t go too mad. Remember that the local authorities aren’t going to share the same enthusiasm with your new hobby.

No I know.

I was leaving hogs breath cafe with a few mate who wanted to hear them so they stated on deck and taped it do I roll buy and let them rip. every one on restaurant panics then manager comes out in a hurry only to find my 3 mates rolling arround on the floor laughing.

Did feel guilty there were 12+ girls waiting on deck as well. They all panicked an screemed

So we went back to one of those mates place to watch a game of footy. They told me they got in on there camera phones from 2 angles. Watching the girls on deck and people eating tea inside. Great to each every ones reaction. Will post on YouTube once I get clips