My 2008 Yaris hatch with Shockers

Got them in and its hilarious to watch people look around for something bigger than my car. Took a while to get them to fit but it was worth it.


Awsum install its hilarious when you honk and people look for a big a$$ truck and you just keep driven by lol have fun down town spots and car shows are fun till they find out who’s a honken lol

People at work ask me why I want them on my car because it scared the crap out of them. I tell them mission accomplished. Lol! Plus my car isn’t a big 4x4 like everyone else so if they can’t see me then they can hear me.

Nice job! Air lines all the same length and horns positioned so they don’t block much air flow.

Yeah there was no way they were going to fit straight up and down because of the shape of the bumper. They rub as it sits now but they are pretty secure. I cut the lines down about a foot from the previous owner but yeah they are all the same length.

Have you encountered any issues with heat from the radiator or engine bay effecting the horns or solenoid?

Welcome to the forum. I haven’t seen or heard of anyine having that issue but I think most people mount them elsewhere.

I can’t speak for others, but my installation (on a 2004 GMC Sierra) entails Shocker XL’s mounted straight down in front of my radiator and I’ve had no problems. My solenoid is mounted nearby on the frame (behind the bumper)and it’s had no issues, either.

Suuuuuuubloodyperbbbbbbbb! That’s awesome! I am about to do almost the same thing! I was playing at the weekend with a set off shockers and a Smart car…, here’s a teaser

I will do a seperate thread as to not jack this one :smiley: