My 2013 2500HD LTZ Crewcab

Here are some pics of my ride. I will be adding a set of rebuilt by me Leslie RS-2s under the bed and putting the rest of the equipment mounted to the forward bulkhead in the pick up bed.

What I get to play with at work

That’s a sweet truck!


I agree, that is one beautiful truck!

Hello!! Love the color of the truck!

Quick question, why does that engine look like it has 2 air hoses?? I see the MU hoses tucked behind the plow and the regular brake pipe hose, but what’s the other hanging below the knuckle??

The tow hoses? When moving the M2, M4 , M6 or the new M8 passenenger trains on a Engine move (ie. dead move) we hook them up for air brake in order to control the braking on the entire consist

Oh OK, I was just curious. None of the engines I’ve worked with had that 2nd one.

Space for Rent

Yeah a lot of metro north equipment is unique. since me move zero freight and are 100 percent passenger service. That particular Engine is a Brookville but we like to call them Brokeville cause they are ALWAYS broken. Give me a GP-35 anyday of the week. I mostly mess with our EMU units. Self powered electrics. We are getting in our new M8 cars from Kawasaki and those are even bigger hunks of crud than the Old ones. Job Security

Beautiful truck, loving that color!

I wanted black but when I saw this truck I fell in love with the color

Yeah, I can’t get over how rich that red is.

I seriously love the double grill & lights - Inspiration for a little project I have in the pipeline. Are they Standard or an after market mod?

That’s standard Z71 appearance package on the LTZ trim level.

Sooooo a picture of your truck and not train horns in a train horn forum lol. Also have a 2500HD but a Silverado Duramax but wanted to see where you installed horns. Idk to go 3 or 5 horns yet or what will fit.

Ermmm the thread is a couple of years old, I just checked behind the scenes, Honeybadger1 has not been on since June 2013.