My 99 GMC Sierra

Whats up everyone! I’ve been on the forum for a while, but just surfed around a little bit. Finally joined and i got my 20007 kit and my Hornblasters PA in today. Im installin the horns in the back where my spare tire was. The install will be tomorrow and i’ll have plenty of pictures. Heres a couple of my truck. Its got real HIDs, Granite Alloy 22’s, K&N intake, Flowmaster turndown exhaust, 2% tint, Dixie horn, Flip out 7" tv, boston acoustic speakers all around with kicker sub, Shaved tailgate, and i think im missing something haha. well lemme know what yall think!

I also have a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa.

Nice bike and truck, very clean!

X2!!! they are very nice. nice choice of coloring on them

Very nice man. That Hayabusa looks mean as hell

I agree, very nice rides, and I love the city background in a couple of those pics.

Thanks guys, heres a couple of pics i took of my buddies 350z in downtown charlotte too! Im trying to get him to put horns on this thing.

Panthers Stadium

^^^WHOA! That panther or black tiger…idk what it is but it’s wicked! Where was that picture taken?

that biotch is sickkk i always wanted one of those…but i dont like ridin low i love bein higher than everyone

I’m waiting until I can afford the GT-R (Skyline) but I love that color.

BTW, welcome to the forum even though you said you’ve been around awhile.

Its infront of the Carolina Panthers football stadium. Hey Garrett i was the one talking to you today. I cant wait to put that fitting on man. everything is mounted up and ready to go. Also do you have any extensions for your PA? I installed it but where i have to mount it you cant hear it as loud as you should. Its awesome.

Heres a couple pics of the install, camera died so ill get more final pictures later. The horns are mounted and everything is ran now. Cant wait!!!

PS the air lines are ran now, haha thats just a mock up for the horns. Theres a perfect place for the valve to be mounted right near the horns for no delay.

nice bro how they sound??

That was a lot of excess hose. haha looks good man, welcome

nice waitin or more of the final pics

I cut the hose in 4 equal lengths to start with because i didnt know where i wanted to mount them yet. Thats why theres excess. everything is trimmed up and tucked away now. Im waiting on the 1/2 1/2 push to pull or whatever. To hook the line up from the compressor to the valve.

Sweet Truck Guy…