My Baby

Leslie Tyfon A-125-247 RA

I can’t get a video of her in action, because the cold air kinda messes up her diaphragm

Thats cool mate… I love looking at pics of Horns… So thats a Leslie? is it loud?

damn thats a nice horn there bro

Yep that’s a Leslie

She Sounds at 247 Hertz, Hope that helps


I had to use my 2 Chime Hadley Cement Mixer Horn to balance her

how much is that horn worth?

It always varies with the Leslie Tyfon horns. I saw one 125 go for $100 and one go for as much as $300 and more. It’s always what people are willing to pay lol

it is worth about $850 to $1000 Dollars depending on condition

If its bronze they command nice prices They also made in Brass and aluminum for railroad use too.

damn 1000 for a horn u really gotta love train horns lol

This is a Rubber Diaphragm, Aluminum horn

Here she is in action

Do you still have the original diaphram BN? I’m gonna do some web searchin. I MAY be able to make one. I’m a machinest for the worlds #1 Power Tool Manufacturer. I’m thinking it’s probably about .050" thick or so, but I want to check. Dia I’m not sure, 1.5" perhaps.
Anyone have the exact dimentions?


Dang, I hope you didn’t pay that for yours! I’ve NEVER seen one sell for near that high.

Sorry to say neither have I. Around 150 to 200 bucks. But nice horn might need a new diaphragm or back cap tightened and internals cleaned.



got it for $50