My Bagged S-10 on 20's

My '95 S-10
FBSS Fully Bagged w/ 10 gal tanks, 2 Viair 380’s, 1/2" Line
Currantly shaved doors, antenna, roll pan, 3rd brake light, hood pissers, tailgate
10" LCD monitor fiberglassed In-dash
20" Status Dynasty Rims
HB4H w/ 1/2" line

That’s a really nice truck & setup!

Do you have a high output alternator for the compressors & sound system?

Nope just upgraded the BIG 3 and threw a yellow top in.

nice man ive never seen u out here…

Ive seen your caddy at the publix out in Lox a few times with the trailer

ah ok good to see someone finally close to me!

Yeah same here. I live off Apache and Tangerine btw

o ok 5 or 6 of us like to meet up at the car show by applebees on 441 and southern at around 6 or so on fridays. you should come by sometime

thats a nice truck there bro like those rims

First of all Nice truck,
second Excellent choice of subs, i should be doing the big 3 soon with another red top in the back,
ANd WELCOME to the forums

Well sadly the DD1008a’s aren’t in the truck anymore cause the amp went out on me :frowning:

Nice lookin’ dime!

Hifonics lol? they are good amps, poop send me one lol :smiley:

mm great choice in rims(best friends got the black version 22’s) and subs. DD 1508’s are like my best friends, I’ve put in probably 9 of them and have 4 in my car…1008’s are still great :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the amp, need a new one! Brutus’s usually last a long time, that sucks.

nice have to put some horns on that…

They should be here anyday now :smiley: