My best scare ever!

Last night at around 9:45 my buddies and I were on our way back from fishing and saw about 12 kids walking down the middle of the street. I didnt have my car but it was about a block away so we hurried up and went to get it. We get in my car and turn the lights out and try to sneak up on them :stuck_out_tongue: We come around a blind corner and they are in perfect position. I hit the brights, put the pedal to the rug, and just lay on the Shockers. Every kid TOOK OFF! Two kids slipped and fell in the middle of the street. Another kid crashed over his scooter and the others tried to jump some shrubs that were like 3 feet tall and they ate it! Funniest thing I have seen in a long time :slight_smile:

lmao… but no video = didn’t happen jk

Hell yeah, F-IN KIDS!!!


“Mommy. there was a monster in the streets(your car) , it was dark then we saw its eyes (headlights), then it growled at us (horns)”.

Nice one though. Keep them bad a** kids in check.