My best scare yet

I normally dont do this type of stuff too much , only if certain conditions are perfect… and tonight they were! Was coming home with my mom from visiting my gram, and there were 4 younger girls , prob 16-17 walking on side on road and walking fairly close to the busy street… well i turned and looked at my mom and started laughing a bit and she just said dont you dare! LOL , she knows me too well… She layed on the what if one has a weak heart, hahaha, thought about it, and by the time the angel on shoulder said no, i was allready pulling the valve open slowly to full blast!

All 4 girls Jumped and screamed like it was planned! My mom just started laughing her *** off, and could not believe how loud they screamed! I wish i had my camera with me for that…

haha Very nice.

Glad you are enjoying the horns.

Imagine how much fun you would have with the 100 watt PA!

Shudda put it all ova dem.

I would have too much fun, and the siren would w/o a doubt get me into trouble… first i would get the P.A… then i would have strobes installed… and next i would be calling up a bail bondsman :eek:

sounds like your mom needs a set of her own

She has told me that she wishes she had them… but she dosent want everything on her equinox…

I might end up getting here one of the wolo direct drive air horns… It would be better than her stocker at least.

Your mom gave birth to you, raised you, and you are going to do something cheap for her? Thats a shame… she should have her own set, to laugh at people, and tell everyone she means business…

j/k about being a shame part… but she should get a set of horns…

No, she literally does not want all the stuff on her vehicle… i have told her in the past i was gonna install it all for her, and she dosnt want any part of it… but she does like it on my truck, lol

its funny cuz my mom loves to drive my explorer ever since ive had air horns. ive never been pulled over for my horns but my mom HAS AND the cop let her go!!

my mom just hate the horns lol she think ill get into truble with them lol and my dad too

lol Id be in the telephone line right behind you.

lol. That would be murder in the hands of my mom. She has bad road rage.

too funny.

I gave my dad the blast of his life the other day. They came over and we were talking about my truck and he was looking at my for lights. So he looked under that bumper and was like “whats all that?” I said “Train Horns”. He didnt believe how loud they were so I let em rip. I tried to tell him to back away from the truck. lol

lmao i scare my dad once and he told me that if i scare him again he will take all that **** outta of my car lmao… the funny part wasn’t the scare!!! it was they way he told me that lol

Well my dad aint gonna tell me nothin like that at my own house. lol. But I feel you. my mom used to tell me that years ago when I competed with pro-audio.

I think I remember what it looks like…
For some reason, pears and that gun come into mind…
why not post a pic of it spiffy?



I blasted this couple in a tunnel last night, almost knocked the socks off of em. Why do I feel bad when they figure out who it is, but still let out a sinister laugh at the same time? lol. Pedestrians are funny, drivers not so much. I have my hand on my steel right after I horn. Gotta be from texas to understand.