My Bloody Valentine 3d Review

Amazing well worth the $12.50! Great story lots of scares plus IT WAS honking 3D! Must see, go see it everyone!:smiley: I highly recommend!

Side note: Get Drunk and/or High before you go it makes it so much better!:wink:

its 12.50 for movies in Canada?.. or was it bc it was in 3D

12.50 cuz its 3d

Thats what I figured. How much are regular movies in Canada? lol

8.50, or you can go to cheap seats for a couple $ and there’s one place downtown for $5.00 I think but popcorn and such makes up for the cheap ticket.

we used to have one down here it was a dollar…but the place was poopy… but its usually 9.50 now… but i dont wanna spend 10 just to see a damn movie…

It’s worth it trust me, go see it. Now! GO GO GO

its 11.50 heere i was talking to a friend about it… maybe if i find time