my dad scare the poop out of me!

LOL well i was at Target with my dad buying some stuff for chrismas and he is a very serious person you know and he does not like the train horn because he think i can get into truble with it so i never thought that he will honk to me right so i was walking in front of the car and he active the car alarm and the horn sound so loud and he was laughing sooo hard LOL and i jump like 3 meter high LOL! i was so angry then i star laughing but i still angry inside LOL

haha My parents thought it was a stupid investment on my part… then I got it and once installed I gave em a short little toot when I was leaving (they didn’t see it coming). my mom jumped a couple feet in the air. never thought she could jump so high. haha they both liked it.

haha! my friends got me 1 time with my horn…lol after i got them millions of times…lol
i remember when i first installed my k5la i went to my buddys house, it was like 2am and i blasted it…LOL he waaaaas PISSSEED!! but then later apologized and laughed about it

my parents love the horn. my mom is even a member to this forum. all of our vehicles have hornblasters stickers on them. i got a new truck and took the horns off the old one, she got so mad at me cause she drives the old one now and dont have any horns to honk. at first they didnt want me to have them either but now look at them its like crack it is so addicting.

LOL yeah samething with me

Aheh, Hello Ms. Woody! lol jk

haha Want to check out my horn? :cool: Couldnt resist

haha shes at work now but im sure she will respond to this later

haha awesome

oh Im sure she will… haha :smiley:


Hiyas Mr Scaredu, Sorry I couldn’t respond earlier but some of us have to work. Yes I do love the horns and dang it I sure could use them on the truck sometimes when I am around idiots. Also if someone could tell Jason it would be if he would hook my radio back up. No horns, no radio … not good!!!

What no Radio no horns?!?! what kind of son is that?!?!

A very bad son!!! Had horns gone, had radio, gone! sigh

like she said. some of us have to work sooo sorry mom i dont have time to fix that cd player and as for the horns… call up hornblasters at 1-813-783-8058 ask for matt he will be able to hook you up with a great set of horns that can fit on that truck… i actually might even know just where to mount them horns for you!

Ok Jason will do … I bet I will get a great set of horns. Matt can put it on your cc. Thanks for the number I take back the bad son part!

Make some good dinner, and Ill come down and install the radio and horns…lol jk


^ He would probably do it. haha

LOL isn’t my day to cook. Hope you have/had a great Thanksgiving.