My Dad's Shocking Honda Accord SE

this one was pretty easy, took the bumper off, Removed the metal cross bar thingy that was behind the bumper like I did with mine.

Btw, these are my Old Shockers, :slight_smile: Mounted all 4 horns. After Drilling and Drilling and… you get it :stuck_out_tongue: Now you see them…

Now you Don’t…

:smiley: Now he has 1 VERY innocent Looking Honda Accord with some thing Devious hidden on it :smiley:

Keeping it in the family - Nicely done yet again. What air setup are you sticking into the trunk for him?

Nicely hidden. Will it affect air bag deployment?

No sir :cool: since this is on the Rear of the car.

so far I got this for him :smiley:

Getting it 1 Piece at a time like I did with mine, tomorrow I will be getting some 1/2 inch “T” Fittings from The Home Depot.

Oops, I should have noticed that.:rolleyes:

Aren’t hornblaster grade horns too cool for the older generation lol

alright folks, after running wires and drilling and more drilling… ITS ALIVE!!!

Whoa is right, I heard that at the end. :cool: They sound great and you chose an excellent spot to do it, echo and all!

Ahh yes… nothing like a bridge or a tunnel to demo horns. :slight_smile:

Don’t be daft!!! I just fitted Shockers to my father in laws Renault Modus & he is…78!!!:smiley:

I’m sure he blasts the young whipper snappers blasting their car stereos lol, it may still be too cool for the car but apparently not for petes pop :rolleyes:.

Pete have you got a sound system in your car as you once said you might?