My Dash Cam Videos

I hate trucks in the left and carpool lanes for same reason. Didn’t there use to be a law that trucks had to use the 2 right lanes?

Here’s a dumb beach trying to make a U-Turn infront of me with a shitload of traffic coming towards us. Wish I had my HD dash cam already so you can see her entire body shaking from the blast.

What kind of HD cam are you getting? I have the DOD (dreams of digi-tech)
When i hook it up to me 46" HD 1080 LCD, It shows a phenomenal picture that my dad thought I was watching some local news cast.
I havent found a free way to edit the videos yet and keep them full 1080 for the upload…

I tried a trial version and it compressed it and made it bad…

Heres one from when we were leaving the recent chevy truck parade and I blasted everyone in the parking lot. You can hear lots of yells and if you watch the hood, it vibrates the metal like a wave…

I can hook you up with sony vegas for free if u wanna pm me :smiley:

I’m using a cheap Chinese HD720p for $34. I have a HD720p DVR-007 ($74) on the way. This one should have true HD.

I use Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos.

I hate people who text and can’t drive!

And I especially hate Jewish drivers!

It’s obvious that you same the idiots in NYC as we do in SoCal but that’s probably true for most big metropolitan areas.


you should try driving over here. :smiley:

Mate, this thread is dead useful, I have been after something like this for a while.

I have a few Questions? Is the HD720p DVR-007 that you are getting, is it the same as this one?
(It says it is not full HD?)

What size memory card do you use & how many hours do you get to record?

What is the sound quality like?


I just received this one last night

Will have sample today

It’s a bit shaky, because I have it velcro’d under my radar detector. I fixed it by tightening up the mount.

Train Horns save me yet again

Whatever camcorders you get, make sure it has stereo mics :wink:

lol i love your commentary on your videos

Trying to get 2 Camaro’s to race each other - YouTube

Thank god I’m such a good ****ing driver!
I HATE DUMB U-TURN MOTHER honkers! - YouTube

Damn that last one was close!

holy poop another foot and that WOMAN would have hit you

More like a few inches. Watch it in HD. I know the exact dimensions of every vehicle I’m driving. That mother honker was so lucky I’m so good at driving.