My dodge ram!

Well i dont have train horns yet, but im getting into it! heres my truck!

Welcome to the forum. Check the kits on Hornblasters. The shocker horns are a nice cheap way to start but once you get started it won’t be long before you want to upgrade to Airchimes.

It looks slightly lifted, is it a 4x4?

What horns are you looking at buying for your truck?

Yea it’s a 4x4 and it just has a leveling kit on it!

For right know just something to start off with! Nothing too crazy for my first ones!

I went crazy with my first ones … K3LA for the win.

Check my signature for my install on my Ram.


I have a 2011 Ford Raptor and still deciding if I should get the 240 or 540 train horn?

Get the 540 if you have the money.

^^ I agree.

The 540 will need minor stuff if you decide to get a K3.