My eagle eye mod

made some eagle eyes which are 3/4 of an angel eye.

Lookin good man.

niceee bro! i like those!

very cool

thats bad donkey…howd u make those?

i used this tutorial
<embed id=“VideoPlayback” src=“” style=“width:400px;height:326px” allowFullScreen=“true” allowScriptAccess=“always” type=“application/x-shockwave-flash”> </embed>

Mannnn i wanna make those!

Cost wasnt high at all… cost me about $26, $20 if i didnt buy a soldering iron. a trip to radioshack and one to home depot and i was set
8 LEDs $8
4 Resistors $1
2 window rods $5
Wire $6
and i bought a new soldering iron that was $6

im doing this…but i wanna try like red

dont wire them to your running lights then… red on the front while driving is illegal :frowning:

even like a slight tint?

i wouldnt push it, most places its illegal

ya i kno… =[ well my truck is black…check this out… i would of upgraded already and got blue lights as in higher k’s but i have 5 non changeable baja lights up top and 4 hellas up front…that are all whiteish color… THE REASON i havent is i believe it would look weird with 2 differnt color lights… u kno?

if i do do this what color do u think i should do?

i wouldnt worry about 2 different colors… its not like you always drive with them all on anyways, i would stick with white or yellow

i usually turn on my 4 hellas and parking lights and leave my headlights off…so im thinkin to make those the way u did and put them in my head light if i can?

Man that is honking awesome…I have applauded you…I am going to try and do something like that for my truck…maybe like a line of fire but where to place it??? hmmmmm…