My **EVIL** Train Horn Install Has Finally Begun !!

So as of the last few weeks work has begun on my horn setup. It’s currently looking to be about 30 sets of horns (roughly 65 individually). The amount of experts from various backgrounds that have been pulled in to do bits of this is quite funny. Included in this gradual project you will find such horns as a Leslie RS5T (w/semi big bang mod), Shocker XL S8’s and a Nathan K6LA (w/ big bang mod).

The first job (which took ages) was to clear and then strip my boot and remove the back seat and trimming. The back seat presented so many problems to remove.

The stage I’m currently up to is having had the split charger wired in for my secondary battery and as you can see the false floor has been created with all the compressors and tanks having been mounted.

Freaken Sweet!!!

Thanks. It’d better be, the amount of money I’ll have thrown into this whole setup (price of horns, fittings, labour etc, which I’ll declare at the end of this project in USD as it sounds like more than GBP) will be exceeding $10,000 :eek:

When spending that much money you should gotten an Oasis compressor…:rolleyes:
What is the total volume of both tanks? Does it exceed 5 gallons per compressor?
BTW, nice job so far!

It’d have been nice to have had one of your glorified bouncy castle inflators to run my air demands, but coupled with the import and postage charges, it’d have crippled me financially, plus originally i never inteded to go as large scale as what i now have. I have 3 compressors between the 13.5 gallons of air I’m stealing and storing from our atmosphere.:smiley: Plus its only the Nathans and lezzers that’ll require lot’s of air.

Some update pics from Sunday. Got a lot done and the first stage of mounting the main components in is complete. And now I have a limo partition which is soon gonna have a thick sheet of plexiglass slotted in.

And here are some more recent ones. Meanwhile all my lezzlies have been tapped and are threaded with hose tail fittings. I’m currently also working on the video production for my youtube channels intro video, I’m getting a lot of budding uni students involved in this so it ought to be epic.


I have some further progress to show, just gotta trawl through all my pics to find them. STANBY

So, what country do you plan to move to when your fantastic setup is operational. :D:D:D:D:D
I invision a lot of frowns…

Well just as most americans believe america is the whole world (beginning middle and end) so to do I for the UK. And so I say…the world will just have to get used the these mad Db levels never before heard!!

But I may have an agreement with my street or town not to honk them much or at all there lol. However, I may be employed to scare off the pikees (pronounced- pie-keys) who are irish travellers travelling from field to field in my county with their caravans illegally taking up temporary residence and causing trouble in any area they visit.

Here is how the lezzers are gonna be mounted insdide my car (though it’ll be tidied up to look nicer of course).

Looking good buddy! - Most folks go for flashy audio installs, but us lot? All the horns! :smiley:

Where abouts in the UK are you? We need to organise a UK horn blasting meet soon :cool:

Actually I do have a high end sound system in my car too (it was the first thing to be added) and the engine and body are being uniquely modded. Yer I’ve wanted to do group horn blasting sessions with others so it’d be most welcomed as soon as my setup is up and ready. I’m from Essex.

I’ll be getting another 5 gallon tank plus an extra compressor and battery soon (18.5 Gallons total). If the re-mortgage goes well then this will all be finished Oct/Nov.

So as it stands there’s still some cable tidying to do, bits of chequer plate that still need to be cut and attached, another fan above one of the compressors and only 2 of the 4 compressors are wired (none of which are working as one of the wires got damaged). I honked this with only 3 of the 5 going (and at low pressure) from a mile away and my sister heard it from in our house.

Ever get this finished?