My first scare!

Ok well I’m tired of not having a horn on my truck so today I drove on over to the local Princess Auto (company that sells everything) and bought a marine air horn the big one… So me and my friends all pile into the truck and drive around looking for people to scare the poop out of. We find on a back road 2 guys 17 yrs old or so walking down the sidewalk, HOOOONK! one guy twitched really hard and the other did a duck and cover move with his hands up around his head and followed to turn around and scream YOU SIR ARE AN *******!! wahahahhahahaha:D:D:D


nice… hard to find poeple i canadawalking with -30 -20 lol i lived in ottawa for 3 years or so

haha nice got pics of the horn?

No I don’t actually I’ll take some for you tomorrow morning, its just a regular marine air horn “can be heard from up to a mile away”. And yeah it is only -20 out so lots of people where walking around today…and will be tomorrow… Plus you can’t see my license plate so I’m all good if someone decides to write-er down.

FL law says a cop has to hear you blow horn, people can write down your plate all they want… ive heard several incidents where someone calls the cops and they cant do anything about it… i dont know how it is outside of FL though…

Yeah I’m not sure either best to be safe though… Snow on bumper FTW!

Here be the horn

o haha i thought it was one of those electric dual boat horns you can buy at an outdoor shop

It’s pretty loud though…

ive had plenty of people write my plate number down and call and complain… my friends who have police scanners for their job even heard a call go over the radio…but they cant do nuffin unless they hear u blow it…

but dont they need a db reading

I remember one time I was driving with the windows down and some girls were honking that little marine horn at everyone. I just so happened to be in my sisters car so I didn’t have the train horn and to this day I keep thinking about how awesome it would have been to return their horn blast with my train horn blast.

I never thought about using one of those! Awesome!

I ordered my shockers earlier today, and I live in florida too (pensacola). Any other laws that might be helpful to know? I’d love to be able to talk my way outta a ticket lol.

yeah… dont blow it around cops lolol

Haha. yeah…I’m in a little compact eclipse…hopefully my car won’t be suspected

my number one goal is to get someone else pulled over for my horn… i figure if if a cop is close but not right next to me, and im next to a jacked up truck, mabye the cop will pull him over… that would be funny.

I remember someone posted something like that. Lol that already happened!

damn, well, its still be aswome… i figure they wont get a ticket… unless they too have a horn, that would be funny as hell.

ive done it, its honkin hilarious! it was an old f-150 lifted and big tires, he was messing with me riding my donkey, so i see a cop clockin some cars on a turn to i hit them, pass the cop, and the cop pulls him over and not me