My first UK (Paid) customer......

I’m being kinda lazy and I’m tired but here is a link to my UK HORNBLASTING website.
Check out the pics & videos:D

And heres a nice bit of reading that he posted on my website.

Hi there, just had my Shockers fitted courtesy of Pete at hornstar UK. It started off when I came across a HornBlasters videos on youtube and was in hysterics! Never did I think it would be available over here until I done some random searches online and found Petes website. I was straight on the phone to him and he said I should come up to Enfield one weekend for a spin to see what I thought. So I did, he is the most genuine friendly fella and a bundle of laughs. We went around his area and he pressed the “shiny red button” F**K ME I said they were collossal!!! Hearing them online does these no justice at all. They are phenominally loud! “right,” i said, “get me to the nearest cashpoint so i can get you £100 deposit!!!”. A week later the horns arrived in the UK and that weekend I came down to Petes and fitted them. He did an amazing job with care as if it was his own pride and joy. They were finished the same day and I must say they are the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on! Oh and get a remote too, they are hilarious!

Thanks Pete for horning my ride!
Nick S

Nice!!! A few People over here Seen the Hornblasters site but never heard the horns in person. When I hit them they all jumped! ps, Its the people in my Bicycle train horn scare #2. lol

Reviews like that are great for advertizing.

thats a nice install, the car sounds good to :smiley: