My Focus' Brand New Set Of Balls!

1st set of pics include: No room in engine bay, big horn behind bumper, distributor, and one of many interior shots.

2nd set of pics include 3 momentary switch shots and 2 trunk/compressor shots

3rd and final set includes:

1st pic: Beastmode lol
2nd pic: No one would ever suspect me!
3rd pic: police officers vantage point…can’t see anything.
4th pic: engine bay with no room whatsoever
5th pic: the only horn that you can see…you couldn’t see it from above the car.

that momentary switch was workin the camera!
haha nice pics!

oh yeah! its red…and purdy. and if anybody asks what it does, i simply respond, warp speed baby lol

looks good have fun with 'em =)

i went threw 3 of the switches in 3 months lol. then i gotta a bigger more rugged one…

Dude thats awesome! My same exact kit is olny an hour and a half away, and we both have the same switches! :smiley: