My friend got the surprise of his life!

Well, I have not had a chance to make a good drive-by video of my horn. It’s been cold and I’ve had the shingles. Last night, a friend of mine wanted to hear it, so we drove up to the local WalMart parking lot. I showed them to him and he pulled out his little Canon TX1 camera and shot a video. I can honestly say that i warned him.

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Holy sh*it balls

lol…he was extremely surprised. Notice how the sound actually shook the camera when the blast started.

THAT WAS AWESOME MAN… i love that truck so much one day i will get one lol

bahahhaha holy sh!t balls is priceless!

I promise I will get some good video of a drive-by. This was just too funny to not post. Maybe I should have put it in the scare section…

Thanks, it’s been a fun toy. It’s my Tonka truck.

my friend had the harley davidson verison and his is alll jacked up and big, hee needs a set lol

HAHA great

nice vid bro lol i can imagine ur friend face lol… love the sound of a nice k5

haha great video!

Its so loud you cant really hear the pitch of it. Its just retarded loud from that point

He’s probably deaf in one ear now

Yeah, the video camera really didn’t capture the sound very well.

LOL, I love scaring my friends…

That was great