My frontier and setup

This is my 02 Nissan Frontier.

I do a lot of off roading in it and the way I stumbled into the horn world was by accident. I was replacing my steering one day and I accidentally broke the clock spring in the steering column, which means my horn no longer worked. I did some shopping and it turns out it was about $350 for the part from a local salvage yard. I decided I could throw together some sort of horn setup for cheaper than that. So…

I found a tank in my garage that I never used and bought these horns off ebay for about $35, they were in the scratch and dent category and I just wanted something cheap and fast. The longest trumpet is only 14" long.

I bought some hose and fittings from my local napa and I was set. I had a schrader (sp?) valve on the tank, so I just throw some air in it every couple of weeks.
I have gotten the bug, though, and plan to move up to some more serious horns in the near future.

Here is what they sound like.

Nice truck and it looks like you have a lot of fun going off road!

Everyone seems to upgrade their horns once they get started.

I’ve been trying to get this guy to upgrade his stuff, he’s working it out now. Finally got him a real valve, just ironing out the other weak stuff…and he’ll be good to go. He needs to get my Nathan’s though. :smiley: