my fuse keeps blowing..?

im running 2 air zeniths ob2,s and was told 1 run of 4 guage wire would be fine to run both comps off, but it keeps blowing the 80 amp fuse at the battery…??

do i need a bigger amp fuse…? if yes why? i thought 80 amp would be big enough for 2 comps drawing a max of 35 amps each?

please help… :frowning:

No! You must have messed up somewhere in the wiring, or there’s a short. Biggest mistake I’ve seen from ppl putting bigger fuses than needed they end up frying something else instead of finding the problem.

ok, fair enough… thanks for the help really appreciate it.

so your confident an 80 amp fuse will do 2 air zeniths off one 4 guage wire??

many thanks.

1 ob2 takes a min 70 amp fuse at battery, i just looked at my manual so 2 of them should be like 160 also says for 1 ob2 a min of 6 guage wire, for 2 of them i wouls do a min of 2 guage wire. the 4 guage could be heating up a little causing fuse to blow