My horns!!!!........

Just thought I’d post this up… woz at a mini show/Jap car meet last nite.
The Horns made their debut outing…and then ended up on a cool website. Everyone loved dem Horns & woz asking if I woz selling them…

The last pic is me in the hat!!! A few comments mentioning


u were the onlyone there with train horns right?

I don’t recognize the pattern on your T-shirt. What is that? It looks like a metallic bull skull.

Mate…pmsl…ya damn right I woz… I’m gonna stick my neck out and say I could possibly be the only Hornblaster in London? I’m sure there must be others somewhere??
There woz a couple of dudes with DIXIE horns… I smiled, And had that little voice in my head saying, “call that a Horn?” pmsl…

A man with an eye for fashion!!

The hat & top are from a company called CYBERDOG in Camden town in London. The shop is just amazing & mental. It has a resident DJ banging out trance & stuff…

Yea!!! This was also put up onto that web site.

Quote: “here is a vid ,stinky. he is doing u your cut we also want to do a feature on your horns if your up for it”

did you blast some ppl or what?

Or What!!! lol lol You bet I did… Even when people were crowding around and new the horns were gonna sound off, they all still jumped!!! lol:D