my hot wheels for big kidz

hmmmm lets see 02 s-10
ART upper and lower A-Arms
Diablo Wishbone 18 & 20 combo
molded roll pan
Caddy tails
suede bed and interior
2 viair 460’s
pioneer flipout
kicker l7
kicker 600.1
kaik billet

Very Nice!!!

very nice truck! where ru from?!?!

DAMNED impressive!!

Thanks guys… Im from NW Indiana…

Dang. Your truck is awesome

nice more minitruckers!!

That fekrs bad azz, nice work!

Is the inside of the bed upholstered?
Looks like suede, or ultra-suede.

yes the inside of the bed is upholstered…and thanks for the kind words guys…

well since I posted pics of my show truck, i may as well post sum of my daily beater…i havent decided whether to put the nathans on the envoy or put them on the show truck and the shockers on the envoy…ahh well I have all winter to decide.
1998 GMC envoy
totally stock, for now

So the Nathans are going on the pickup when I get a chance to take the HB blackones off of it. Here are pics of the current install (mounted where spare tire was) on the s10 pickup, and pics of the nathans with a new manifold and hardware from hornblasters.The current install is mounted on a 3/4 x 3/4 alum. tubing bolted to the frame. 5/16 line, 1/4 smc blah blah… Nathans will be mounted basically the same way, but of course a bigger bracket, 1/2 valve and either 1/2 line or 5/8… I wanted to get opinions on that. Is it worth the extra money in fittings and line to go to 5/8? I will be running 2 5 gallon tanks on two viair 460s @ 150 psi pressure switch. Enjoy the pics

take that 3/8 fittng and use the regular 1/2 inch…more air

Also forgot to add…nice k3la, i like those new low manifolds…

Looks just like my old sandcast low manifold lol

ya that3/8 fitting was in there for testing after I drilled the restrictor in the manifold and cleaned em’. I will use a 1/2 valve but should I get 5/8 line or1/2 line?

woot for another hoosier!

5/8 line is fine

finally got em’ installed…wow…i need more air…lol…

Parker push-lok 1/2 I.D. from tank to 1/2 SMC valve…then a tee off the valve and two 1/2 O.D. hard plastic line to the side ports…

And its a show truck, so its hardly driven, and NEVER driven in bad weather…so im not to worried about bonnets, facing forward…etc…

very nice there bud i like it