My K5 setup

Hey guys/gals. Been around the forum a while checking out everyone’s different setups. Finally got a K5la setup from real train horns and figured I’d share my own. It’s a k5la on remote brackets, 2 viair 444c’s, 8.5 gal tank, 1/2" electric valve, 1/2" I.d hose feeding the valve, 1/2" dot line to each. I love the horns! They are crazy loud…got to be the best mod I’ve done

Nice and clean looks good!

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Nice and tidy! Good Job!:smiley:

Thanks StinkyPete!

Nice clean install Mattman

I bought all my stuff from luke = RTH
Spot on stuff from a top guy too

Welcome to the forum Mattman, nicely done!