heres my set up…all i need now is one of Matt’s digi gauges :smiley:

got it used on Ebay, took it apart, bead blasted and re-painted it

14g tank with twin 380C’s…200psi w/ 1/2" lines

its hooked to my stock horn with a toggle switch

nice truck! welcome to the forum.
and that looks more like a 3 gallon tank

thanks its good to be here…

thats a 14g tank :wink:

i dont see how that small thing is 14 gal…my 3 gal was bigger then that…honk my 12 gallon is huge…wayyy bigger then that…and u tellin me that small tank is 14 gal?

nice set up nice to see more dodge trucks!


that tank is 20" wide

does no look 20"s wide…take a pic of the width… and where did u get that tank from??

This is my 12Gallon Tank… see how big it is… if that thing is 14 gallon ima have to switch it up… but i still doubt its 14gallon

dont ya just love how mych room in in the front end of a dodge =)

yes i do Version

nice tank, but look it mine is twice as tall as yours…i got it from Seige Engineering

ill get a pic tomorrow when the sun is out :wink:

Nice set up…wish I could mount my K5’s up front!


i wanted to mount them facing down, they fit fine but hung down below my bumper more than i wanted.

kickass truck man!

thanks :slight_smile:


Take a video clip so we can hear how they sound. I have a similar setup with a 20 gallon tank and a set of K5LA. I decided after much debate to go with a 110/150 psi pressure switch rather than a 165/200 psi pressure switch. Mind if I ask how much you paid for the K5LA?


have a link to the website u got ur tank?