My little Toy

This is my 1964 kaiser jeep M54a2.The truck rides on 52" tall tires, the winch is rated at 45000lbs, and the lights under the bumper are 600watt aircraft landing lights. The horns on the fender are K5HLs’ with 3/4" line to a graham white manual valve. Truck has an engine drivin air compressor set to 125psi. The engine is a multifuel meaning it can run on gas,diesel ,wasteoil, or almost any thing that will burn. It is all wheel drive and 12.5 tons empty. Just thought you might like it. Thanks Mike

you must get 60+ mpg!! :smiley: pretty damn cool with the multi fuel.

Take the zero away and you got it right.Mike

Looks great man, welcome!


Awesome! Welcome!

I don’t care who you are … this is wicked!!!

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums.

That is effin’ cool. That thing is so big that the K5 looks right at home.

thats baddonkey!! i know who to call when i get stuck in the snow…haha

So what does something like that cost?

haha love the add-ons to it, still used for military purposes, or personal use now?
<<I’m in the Army so i’ve done work on them before in the motorpool. hey great freakin ride tho for POV other than your 3 gallons per mile haha

Thanks for the comment’s. I own the truck, the back of the truck is a camper with a sink,stove,portapoddy, and bed. It is a camper and we use it on the beach and to go to military truck shows. The miles per gallon is around 6-7 . The truck is worth around $8000.00. Thanks Mike

8000?? thats it really?? seems cheap to me…

it does, but i can see how the military probably actioned it off or something like that. nice truck tho

i want more pics!!

Same here, some action shots! That is baddonkey!!

the horns on the side look like rocket launchers…