My new 1911 Gaboon

Well after several long weeks, my buddy Dustin Bonar (formerly from Novaks) and current owner of L.S.T. finished up my Gaboon 45. I snapped a few pics but have not been able to shoot it yet. A Range report will be in the near future. I also had Dustin matte the front strap on my Kimber Pro Carry SLE and replace the extractor. Dustins late father Joe Bonar did a reliability package and a few tweaks to this Kimber many years ago. The Gaboon features an STI Slide and a Caspian/Foster Frame.


I’m a little scared to try a 1911. As in - scared I might like it too much. Right now I don’t know what I’m missing. LOL

Very nice 1911. Cool to see some people here are into firearms as well.

Ey you could always try a Springfield 1911. They seem to have the best quality within the lower 1911 price range and if ya don’t like it, reselling is no issue.

Yeah I’m a Springfield guy. XD 45 and XDM 9mm.
It’s been hard to NOT seriously look at their 1911s.

Same here … I’ve got the .45 tactical 5 inch for myself, and the XDm for my wife. Figured I should buy her a weapon for herself before she starts taking to my guns like she has my trucks.


I"m a little scared of you showing the gun & passport… like you are going to shoot someone just before leaving… :slight_smile:

Hmmmm I’m thinking you could be a secret agent, James Blonde stylie and is that a KPL760 torch with a special built in laser, capable of killing a man at 100ft?:eek: