MY New Goal!!

Well since I just recently broke my Number one Bell on my K5 for the second time!! :mad: But once I get a new bell, my goal is to scare the cast of the Jersey Shore while their filming… Its just too good of an opportunity to pass up…

They’ll cut and retake if your horns interrupt a scene so can you get a video or pics?

hah that’ll be great get a far away one and see if we maybe we could hear if from long ways :smiley:

(if they dont cut it :frowning: )

Or do it enough by their house so they complain about it on tape…

So how do you keep breaking your #1 bell. Speedbumps or driveways with your bags aired down?

haha that would be epic.

Anyone know their address??

I broke my num one bell the first time in the snow… It was waaaayy high and then where i parked the ****ers plowed the snow right behind my truck and my only way out was to back out and when i did my horn broke off…i didnt even know it until the snow melted and someone found it later…

This time I backed into a parking spot and dropped the bags and the num one bell caught the curb and cracked…it didnt officially break off until i was driving down the road and hit a pothole and heard it fall, i look in my rearview and i see all the cars behind me swerving to dodge outta the way… i make 2 U turns and come to a complete stop in middle of the road, get out and pick the horn back up… so ya i have 2 broken numb one bells…and need to get a new one… then im heading up to NJ to scare em

Are they in NJ right now? Done taping in Miami?

i dunno where there at right now… everything u see on tv was taped awhile ago…i just wanna know their address

If they’re done taping their season, they’re probably not living together.

That would be awesome!

I think they are done taping, because Pauly D was in milwaukee, WI at the Rave doing some DJ work. Im sure your can find them at the next fist pumping party.

yess i wanna see snookie honked at


I believe they are still filming season 3 in Sea Side Heights.

I hate soap operas, even the prime time ones, but I’d watch if you can get your horns on the air!

^shut up dan. You know your a guido :smiley:

Sorry have to lol

Heres a good one

If that’s the definition of a Guido then I’m not even close…hahaha.