My new haircut

I couldnt stop laughing

My new honda

Can i get ya numberrrrr…can i. LMAO

2nd one aint that funny but still posted it

Fing skanks…my protein…im in the zone

Yeager bombs

lol that mess is really old but still funny.

lol funny LMAO!!

its old but stil funny…bahaha the honda and the senior citizen ones are the best!

fukin yeager bombs… I fukin shower in that sh*t

My favorite is the asian haircut one. I don’t feel like finding a link but you guys should check it out lol

i know its old but its new to some. I like the old one.

this posting tonight helped me show MY NEW HAIRCUT to my friend howeth…we couldnt find it on youtube and so i went here and we found it…thanks