My new toy

Picked up a new 2012 Honda Rancher 420 4x4. Push button shift fun little toy.

My brother gets the old 1990 Honda Fourtrax 4x4 that we have all beat the crap outta, still runs amazing haha. I just wanted something newer for trail riding and out of all the ones i test drove i loved the way this one rode and felt when sitting on it. Got and different brush guard for the front.

Currently has 6 miles on it haha

Rear cargo rack: 5gal tank & compressor
Front cargo rack: K3LA

Stop giving me ideas already LOL

^^ lol

Or put the tank on and hide the horns some where on that. then U can do some good scares that way! :smiley:

Oh what 2 years does lol, have over 5k miles on it. Lots of mods, remote start, winch, nice tires. Cough name of tires cough

Remote start on an ATV? What the hell?!

So where are the tank and the horns???

Congrats man!

I’ve just picked up a new toy myself:

I can’t wait to put a set of horns on it, I just don’t think the wife will like it.


Yea lol, its nice in the winter, push the button my hand warmers on on and my atv is running

I saw your toy lol, mines definitely smaller, wouldnt mind getting a sxs, just bought a house :smiley:

Best money I ever spent, the time just flys on the trails.

Looks liek you got the big horns 2, they are lighter and have less thread, still a great tire, they are made for trails. :smiley: Wheres the muddy pics haha

Aww man, no kidding!

Took it out to the hills near the border of Oregon/Idaho and the views were incredible. It’s a mix up of a trail … creek crossings, technical turns over some pretty harsh rocky areas, some decent moguls to get the weightless feeling and get a few inches of air, and plenty of flat spaces where I could just open it up.

I do have to admit, 70 MPH in this thing feels funny on gravel roads but on hard pack its just fine.

Sucks for me gotta drive 2 hours 1 way to get any cool views, i usually go 250+ miles in a day, just non stop riding, love it.

Mine tops out at 56 wide open, but I didnt buy mine for speed lol.

You guys are making me miss the dirt so much!

My YFZ450…damn I miss it.

Yesterday we did an all day, 60+ mile trip north of Idaho City, Idaho.

I tried to use Every Trail to map the path we took, but it did something funky so I ended up with only like 12 miles of the trip mapped. Time to re-think that.

We went north to Pilot Peak, still had snow on the ground in some places since it’s 8200 feet above sea level. No performance issues at that altitude, which was sweet. We had a few Razors that couldn’t go over (or through) some of the drifts, and the Commander simply attacked them with ease. The views were amazing at the peak, I’ll post some up later (pics are on wife’s phone since I was using the Every Trail app on mine).

From there we drove down to Miner’s Grave. It’s a grave for an unknown miner that died at that spot back in 1888.

We also hit Wilson’s Peak, drove down to Pioneerville (one of the last standing areas of Idaho silver and gold mining communities that was built without nails, it’s all wooden pegs).

We had some nice flat open areas, lots of 45 degree or more hill climbs/downhill paths, lots of switchbacks and gravel/rocky areas, but the views were just amazing.

And today I’m just beat. Was a really long day but still smiling.

Pics later.


Look into getting a garmin oregon GPS and getting the topo maps installed, the tracks feature has saved my oven a few times especially when I end up going 150 miles 1 way LOL
this was a 240 mile journey I did alone, what a day
plus you can export the tracks into google maps

@richard shes a beauty!

I have a Samsung S5 so I have a built in GPS receiver (WaaS, IIRC). I was hoping to use the Every Trail app, but I think I’m going to have to mess with it a bit since we were out of cell reception and once we hit the tops of some of the peaks it tried to sync up, and I believe this was the issue.

I could get a GPS for my rig, I just didn’t want to spend $650 bucks for it.

And Rich, that is a nice 450!


Yea youre better off getting a dedicated gps, no reception to worry about, you can make POI’s.

I dont use my Note 3 for gps as it just isnt as good. lol

Yeah I figured I might have to bite the bullet and get one, but it’ll screw up what I have planned for my dash and extra switches.

Out with the old…

Brand New 2014 Grizzly 700 with Power steering!

Brother bought my rancher!