My new toy

standing at 11 inches high… Lol

Now that’s one heck of a Hooka! Can you finish off one of those bowls all by yourself, and I’m not referring to tobacco…lol?

lol…nah i dont put that in there…just soex…which isnt even tobacoo but still gives u a buzz lol…the ***** even lights up blue lol

I enjoy some hookah every once in a while.

That one you got looks better than any of the ones I’ve seen.

u think so? im actually persian decent… so i like the taller more traditional ones

I would have no idea what to do with that thing… Does it make coffee?

Oceanography and Harry Potter? HAHA hp is the poop

ive never done hookah

haha get stoned and read harry pothead woooooooooo

LOL it really dosent do anything to u…oceanography is one of my classes… the hp book i was tryin to sell on ebay lol

well poop come to my house lol

Have you read all 7 HP books? There are some interesting twists (no pun intended) in the last 2.

Oh come on Lance, you’re not that naive are you?

Next time try some chronic in it…lol

Yes I have read all of the hp books dan. I just thought it was an odd combination

Not exactly, but I’m about as far as you can get from being hip to that. I can’t stand the stuff, makes everything ssssssssssssssssllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww down…

-and that just pisses me off!

I don’t get that bad but I know what you mean.

I have a friend who I’ve seen sit at a table with his friends passing it around for an hour just to get ready and go do something recreational. I would have passed out in about 15 minutes smoking the chronic stuff they like…lol

I live in Canada, the stuff is practically legal…and way stronger…

BTW: Nice hookah!

road trip to canada? lol

Let’s go!