My P5

Decided to finally take a couple pics of my P5. The number 5 bell is brand new and I didn’t have enough spray paint to finish the inside of it but I don’t care. I kinda wanna get rid of this horn anyways because I don’t like the way the new P5’s sound… But oh well, on to the pics!

looks good man

that poop must sound loudddd

Thanks twist, and yeah, they’re loud.

Alot of people like the way the new P5s sound but I don’t haha. If I keep it, I’m sending it to Ken Kanne ASAP to get it retuned so it will sound like P5s once did.

very clean

send that biatch to me

lol ok… nah not really lol

all you need to retune it is a music tuner that you can pick up at your local music shop or guitar shop and tighten the back screws in a star pattern until tuned or loosen

we used electronic tuners in my band class, i dont see why not use it to tune a train horn, they cost about $40

P horns aren’t tunable that way hornblasterstx… They have to be remachined by someone who knows what they are doing. They aren’t M horns, there is no way to adjust the pressure on the diaphragms. They are supposed to be all the way tight all the time. The reason they sound bad is because in 1977 or so Nathan swapped foundries and made new casts which weren’t to original spec, thus losing their pleasant, original tone.

yeah sand cast and die-cast sound different…are your horns dual diaphragms or single…

I thought all P horns were sandcast. My new cast is anyways. I have single diaphragms except for the 1 and 5 bells. They have 2, I was trying to level out the sound some.

According to this website that i came across it says that there were sand and die-cast and apparently there is a p4 horn that is on a completely different manifold…made in the 90’s…’

does anyone know who runs this website…

it says that the website does not affiliate with hornblasters or micro precision…but when u click on something it takes u to the micro website…

A fellow collector named Phil.