My ride and install

So I figured I should get around to this now that I have the pictures.

Here’s my ride … 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 QC longbed, Cummins 6.7L, G56 manual … it’s the blue one on the right.

Firestone air bag kit. I had this done at the dealer before I took delivery.

The tank for it was about the size of my 64 ounce 7-Eleven Thermos cup. The lines were run through the firewall into the cab and the dual needle gauge for it failed twice in one year, so I also did an upgrade because I got tired of smelling “bag air”. I gutted the old system and went with AirLift’s Wireless AIR system … it’s not fully installed because I ran out of time while from on vacation from Iraq.

Air system on/off switch.

This is a $10 Radio Shack switch just for turning the compressor on or off. I have a small leak that I couldn’t fix because I was pressed for time, so this was a good idea. I used the mounting hole for the power pedal adjustment switch because I didn’t get this option. It totally looks stock, and the light turns on and off with the switch. I have it run from “key on” power so even if I forget to turn it off, the whole system turns off when the key does.

Interior pics

This is something else I need to work on when I go on my next vacation. Again, I was rushed and I don’t like the way it looks so for the sake of cosmetics its going to get re-done.

Exterior pics

I mounted the K3LA to the frame rail on the driver’s side. It hangs down a little bit so I had to black it out so that its not very noticeable.

Tank and compressor mounted on the passenger side. The tank is mounted to the bottom of the bed and the comp is mounted directly to the frame rail. It rattles really loud when I fire up the compressor, so I’m going to change the way I put it on there.

Some of this was done by a specialty garage because I didn’t have the time to get everything right before I had to leave, and I plan on doing some upgrades next summer for more air and either dual compressors … or I might splurge and get an XD3000.



It’s flat bar stock mounted to the frame. You can see the bolts holding it in place in the next to last pic. Up top its bolted to the manifold with a hole for the air fitting.

This and the plumbing were done by the shop, but I had a helping hand: I asked them to run the 1/2 line through the access holes in the cab, and mounted the GW valve to the driver’s seat with some 2x2 angle iron from Home Depot. There was no cutting done to the cab to run the lines, just popped out these plastic oval shaped pieces and ran the lines.


that horn is beast! haha

looks good!!

Nice job!

holy thread resurection batman!!! haha

I don’t think I have seen this yet! Looks great!

Wow! That’s a bad-oven setup you’ve got there man. I bet it’s stupid loud with that Graham White…

Heheheheheheh … I’ve been heard at a mile and a half. Don’t ask how I found out (I buzzed the fuzz when he was off duty and didn’t know it).

yea thats a nice setup

Is it possible to get a photo of how you mounted the GW valve. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to mount the GW handle in my 04 Dodge. I mounted a RS3L to my headache rack.

I’ve got a new F-250 Super Duty Platinum FX4 and I’ve been trying to figure out how and where to mount a set of Nathan Airchime K5LA horns. I haven’t bought the horns yet, still shopping.

I had a 1997 Dodge Ram short bed, and I mounted them in the bed on a wood frame, and ran the air lines to and from the cab to a Graham White valve. Didn’t mind loosing a little bed space for the end result.

I had a 97 Dodge Ram short bed. I mounted a GW valve in the cab on a 2x12 piece of wood strapped to the transmission hump by way of the seat frame. I used ratchet straps to hold it in the cab. I drilled two holes in the cab floor under the seats, and used 1/2 inch bulkhead compression fittings to connect the DOT 1/2 inch airline. I ran the airlines thru the drain holes in the front of the bed on that year Dodge truck.
Then I made my connections to a Nitrogen tank set up mounted in the bed.
More info on that if you are interested.:D:D:D

Very Nice Truck.