My Ride

2003 1500HD 6" lift, 33" Richard Cepek on Micky Thompson wheels, trying to get Hornblasters to put my truck on their site…but they won’t??? With the conductor’s special w/ 5 gal. tank…

Best of all…it’s paid for!!!

Truck looks good man. I’m sure they will get your truck up soon. There is only like 3 guys in the office doing all of the work, it just takes a little time. They got my buddies up after a while but they are a little overloaded with stuff to do.
You should take the side molding off and debadge that things…you will be surprised how clean the red will flow. Also, if you painted the upper and lower valance red that would really get the color flowing. Why? It’s paid off man!!:smiley:

Hey Man,
Removed the moldings today, your right… it does look good.
Wow, what a pain in the donkey!

Thanks for the suggestion…