My set up plan, give me input

OK first off every thing is going to be mounted under an 2001 f150 crew cab. I’m thinking 5gal tank with vair compressor (witch one should I get?) 1/2" line electric in cab gauge. I am going to build and run PVC horns till I can afford some nathans, another reason for PVC is I like building things from scratch, would it be cheaper for me to get a shocker kit or to buy all the components minus the horns?

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Hey welcome - I forgot to post in your other thread.

They sell a complete onboard air system. The 5 gallon kit is a 540 system.

Then just add a valve kit.

If you’re thinking about a K5 down the road, I would get the 8.5 gallon tank, if not the 12 gallon. You would need another compressor.

I dont know if I’m going to get k5 or k3 I would like to upgrade to an 8.5 or 12 but I’m worried about space and the cost of a second vair compressor, 350 is punching my budget I need, how often do tanks and conpresors get sold with out horns used?

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You could always piece it together… buy one piece at a time…

Ya that’s true ill probobly be doing that Idk I might be able to get the kit all at once

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Hornblasters will sell whatever parts you need. It’s not a big deal - that’s what they do.
That’s how I bought my first tank & compressors from them.

I was thinking about just getting the tank first hook every thing up and just fill it with another shop compressor or something and than after a bit get the onboard compressor

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