my set up

Let me know what yall think

Hope you put an air filter on that thing were that orange plug is

I was going to say the same thing, until I realized that the valve wasn’t wired. It obviously an incomplete install…

But seriously… pull the plug and run the air filter… lol

Hey I just joined the forum and was excited to share some pictures of my system. This are pictures of my nearly complete install. The air filter was installed before use. I have had it for a year know and love it.

Nice setup, did you cut the length of air line equal from the manifold o each horn? If not, ho does it sound?

The horn direclty under the manifold has the shortest air line but the rest are pretty close give or take a inch or two. I think the sound is awsome and very loud.

looks good… need to get it finished…

look whos talkin… lol jk! :smiley:

looks good but as stated make sure you put an air filter on there, and since it looks like its going to be in a closed up compartment, i would even remote mount the air fliter somewhere that its gonna get plenty of cool air- those compressors get HOT and hot intake air leads to shorter piston and reed valve lifespan. Install looks pretty good though man, nice job.

Great to hear. The install looks great!

Nice truck btw.

It looks so nice and clean.What model is this.I can’t get it.Thanks for sharing.