my train horn from hornblasters!!! SOUNDS GOOD?

Let me know what you think it sound lauder i don’t know maybe the camera its not that good well here it is…

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sounding good tri4ubb! :cool: :smiley:

I bet oncoming drivers love you lol. Oh and you do know that a higher color temperature is less light output right? 20,000 Kelvin is nowhere near the light output of 4300 Kelvin.

yea sounds good to me! but why would u buy 20000k hids? thats worse than halogen output…

yeah before i have the 20k i was using a 12k and they give me more output maybe i will change it back or wich one do u use?

sounds good

I use 6000K. 4300K is supposed to be the best. It’s the closest color temperature to actual sunlight.

They sound good in the first clip! Job well done. What kit did you get from us?

well i only bought the trumpets. i already has the air tank, the compressor and all the other stuff. I want to got another ones so will be 8 and run them at the same time lol that S*** must sound laud

I think Version and Brizzal both have 2 sets.

i use 6k
i dont use the s4 i use the siege engineering equivalent 5 trumpet horn looks the same but made with metal

Yea I knew you didnt have the s4 horns. What I thought you had was 2 sets of horns… I should have looked at your sig. lol

bought some S4s from hornblasters yesterday!

12 horns FTMFW lol

deam thats alot of horns

Thanks for the shout out in the intro! :wink:

Video’s good! Representing down in So Fla!

thank u guys!

good vid,sounds nice

Very nice man. The horns sound amazing in the video.

I should finally have mine after Christmas :smiley: