my truck wit da horns

i’ve been meaning to put up pics and i finlly got it done, when the only cam you have is a cell phone and you have to email the pics one at a time then download then one at a time, your in no hurry to get it done. lol, if there is any ideas or suggestions to makeit look better im all for listening, i got a lot of plans for it already just aint got around to doing to many of them yet

new camo emblem from and i got rid of the black grille and got a silver one, but i now want a black mess grille intead

showin hornblasters some love

the install wasnt made to look good, the goal was to hide them without muffeling the sound.

compresser switch w/ safty cover and indicator light telling me when it kicks on and off, pretty handy actually, not to mention it looks pretty sweet too

painting the interior black has been a slow project, but i will get there eventually.

5% limo tent, i plan on getting the windshield tented with like 60% mirror tent

mossy oak is the shizzy. tool box is kinda dengy but it locks away the tank and compressor.

nice truck… i see you also have the new spliter HB is selling

um… sure… lol. i got whatever rigo threw in the box when i drove over there to get it.

thats a nice set up bro zip ties ftw!

Still selling your P.A system? P.M me plz. I might be interested

sweet… I like the indicator light

thanks… and unless something falls through the p.a. is marked as sold.

to who

cobrakiller221, i told your friend i would hold it til wed and i did, he txted me and said he didnt have the money yet, so last night i told cobrakiller it was officially up for grabs again and he took it, just gotta remember my pay pal password. lol.

tru ya idk what happened to him he didnt quite explain to me

i woulda rather sold to him just cuz i hate the post office and i like cash. lol. but if he dont have a job im sure he could use that money for things other then a p.a. cuz right now getting a job is a pain is the donkey. im trying to find a better one for when i get married and cant find poop.

tell me about it… i run my own compant and business sucks righ now

what is it?

I own a rug business

the site only half works on my phone… are those the $500 dollar rugs that fancy people get? or do yall have reasonable priced rugs for the not so rich and famous. lol

lol i got rugs from 100 to 65k in here

damn!!! who the honk spends 65k on a rug? lol. im getting married in sept, i’ll come check the cheaper ones out for the new home around that time, i like havin a couple rugs in the house… and plus i wanna see what a 65k rug looks like. lol.

sure lol its pure silk

pure silk? whoa! never seen a silk rug, thats ganster.