n00b From TX(need help w/ getting train horn)

Hey everyone… i have been wanting a train horn very badly. and i have been talking to alot of the local guys that have air bags on their rides, whch also have air horns too. The only problem is they keep telling me to go to ebay… which i dont want to do.

i want a deep LOUD horn. but i want it to fit in my trunk. and i dont want to spend 500$ either.

My name is michael, but most call me by my screen name(sublime). i go to car shows weekly.

I drive a 2004 Ford mustang Mach 1, competition orange.

i have done mostly appearance mods. dropped it 2", Hid headlights and foglights, black bullitts, 18’s on the rear, 17’s on the front, SLP exhaust, cobra mirrors, cobra wing, cobra front bumper. etc.

here’s a few pics… these were taken last week(now i have new plates SUBLME)

And this is what i am wanting to do. put the air tank and compressor here(like it is in the first pic) this is not my trunk, but its a mustang just w/ the same size trunk

And here is my car. I have speakers on the sides. which wont be in the way. Instead of bolting it to the car. cant i mount the compressor and stuff to a piece of thick plywood so it doesnt move around?

Thanks for any help :smiley:

Why do you want to put it in the trunk? You will hear more than other people if it’s back there (unless you’re going to pop the trunk and show it off for shows). What is your price range on a horn? I don’t think you’re gonna find a real locomotive horn for too cheap and not on Ebay or some other website, unless you know somebody at the RR who can get you one.

Oh and about mounting to the plywood. Yes you can do that. You can pretty much mount the compressor to whatever you want lol
But just for clarification… Price range=?

oh… i had no intention of putting the horn in the trunk … just the compressor and stuff… but i need it to be fit under 11" (thats how tall my trunk is)

i am going to put the horn under my air filter or somewhere under the engine…(if not. maybe by the rear on the exhaust… )

price range… maybe 300 or so. but if its going to sound puny. then i will just wait till i can spend 500 lol. you know what i mean? i want to do it right the first time for sure.

thanks for the help btw.

the pic i posted above of the tank in the trunk is exactly how i will have it. and where that one sits is 11" tall trunk just like mine.

so what gallon tank and stuff can i fit? i heard that anything under 3 pound tank will sound puny. i want a deep one.

thanks again for the help

SUBLIME, the 3gal tank is sufficient for pressure wise but not for any long horn honking.generally the 5 gal or more is needed for sustained long honking.the next consideration is the area to mount the horns.the Nathan are the real locomotive horns but hey these boys are large especially the k5 horn.also price wise the k5 good to new will run 800.00 or more.the k3’s generally 450.00 and up.

^^what he said lol. Those black 4 chime horns are loud and sound good. They can be put anywhere pretty much too and don’t cost near as much as a Nathan. These: HornBlasters Shocker XL Train Horn | HornBlasters

ull be fine with some hornblasters horns…but if u do a nathan horn, then do it right and get a nice size tank and go 1/2 inch everything…
nice car btw and welcome to the forums!

The 3 gallon Conductor’s Special would be a great choice for what you’re doing.
The S4 horns are quite and bring the best sound you can buy unless you’re willing to go all out and buy a Nathan or Leslie, which are a little more expensive.
If you purchase this kit use the coupon code ‘FORUMS’ when checking out with Google Checkout and you’ll get 10% off.

Couldnt agree more with Tiernan, The 3 Gallon 4 Horn Conductors special is the way to go. The entire air supply is well under the 11" Requirements, the voltage draw is low (wont’ dim your headlights) and the Shocker 4 Horns sound phenomenal! I promise you’ll be happy with this kit, and with the extra 10% off you can’t miss!
I know of a few Mustangs with this setup and they’re all VERY happy.

Mustang Looks Great! Welcome!

thanks so much guys… the conductor is more than i am looking to spend right now… but who knows… maybe i will just wait a month or two longer. maybe after i get some birthday money in october lol.

does this kit come with everything i need to make it work? i dont see the compressor or anything but the horns… http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?item=AH-S4

thanks for the compliments on my car. i have done alot of work to it.

No, that would be this one… http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?item=HK-S4-338

yeah but thats alot of money lol… maybe i will just save a bit more and get this one… any sound clips of this one?


awesome… is that yours?

Nope, that is AllStrobedUp’s. He did a write up in the how to section on these horns. Check it out.

Stang looks good man. You should definitely save up for those horns. THey are the best bang for your buck. They will be easy to mount considering they come detached and can be placed individually almost wherever. They have a lifetime warranty and are nearly indestructable. As you can tell from the video above they sound awesome. So keep in touch with everyone on here and give us a shout when you are ready to order. Until then, keep Machin.

thanks alot man… i do really want a horn right now… i am very impatient lol… i am going to talk to the guy at the car shows who is a genius with this stuff… he said he will help me… so hopefully ill get him to help now…


will this one be loud enough and sound authentic enough?


Outlaw 3000 Black Train Horn Kit with HornAir 328 3 Gallon Air System

Black Outlaw 3000 Train Horn System with 3 Gallon (11.4 Liter) Air SystemThis is our most affordable three trumpet train horn system. The system comes complete with everything you need to install a train horn on your truck. The horn is made of steel and has a stealth black finish to help hide it under your vehicle. This train horn kit comes complete with a 3 gallon (11.4 liter) air system that lets you honk for much longer than smaller kits.
This train horn kit is amazingly loud and at a very reasonable price.

those will be harder to mount on a mustang because all three horns are together they dont come apart

No…go conductors;)

Ebay+hornblasters= FTW…2 gallon tank, but very good compressor.