N00b with a non-working, unusual horn

Hey, I’m new to the forum (blah blah blah).

I have a horn. An unusual horn. And it doesn’t work. It was listed on ebay as “Vintage horn from classic car” and I couldnt resist.

Firstly it arrived in pieces so i’m not entirely sure the order in which it should go together. Once I’ve got this sorted I imagine any problems I have are with the corrosion on the diaphragm. It has a strange 2-part diagram that a 2 hour google session looking for info fell short on|!

Any help much appreciated. I’ll let the pics do the talking:

Welcome to the forum. Sorry I’m no help, but nice pen!

Notification at 1am (I’m in the UK) to say someones replied… and it was this! Me and the other-half had a good lol at it. Thanks and no thanks :slight_smile:

Hands up, I did chuckle at E2E’s comment about the pen!

My guess is that you fit it all back together again, the best way you think and run a little air through them & see what sort of noise they make?
Fit the parts back together like a jig saw, trying each part as you go?
Where in the UK are you from mate?:smiley:

Hey! I have put it together in the order that it is laid out, gave it some air and nothing. I can adjust the screw at the base which seems to take it from leaking a small amount of air through the horn, to not letting air pass at all. I have not once got it to resonate yet.

I’m in West London :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! I know a bit about air compressors but not horns.
I don’t see any pics. Did they not upload or were they deleted?

Does anyone know where the guys from Horn Whistle Board went? They would know from seeing pics or even their brand - Nathan, Leslie, Kahlenberg, Shockers, etc…

Dan, the pics are there mate, their huge! The pics are throwing out the size of the page! I will have a play and see if I can edit them at this end.

As for the H&W board, they are having issues!

Cool beans! Whereabouts? I’m in and about west London all the time!

How much air have you run through it? (Psi?)

The original horn and whistle board is gone, but it’s replacement is available at horn-whistle-board.com