Nathan airchime/bell in barn

Not sure what these are but i found a few horn and bell items in my barn if anyone knows or interested i can send pics
Thanks in advance to all the pros and any input!)

Hi Junker605,

If you could email us over a few pictures to we will gladly take a look at them!

Did you attach any pictures in your post, Junker605? I don’t see any if so.

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I see a few more piles I haven’t yet gotten into but if anyone wants anything lemme know… Horns are dirty I can only make out trumpets saying 1, 4, 2A ? Bell says emd random other goodies too… I appreciate the help all! Hopefully there’s things people are looking for!

Thank you for posting photos of the items. We are definitely interested in the horns and the bell. Is there any way you could shoot me over an email with those pictures? My email is

I’m really interested in buying your train horn if you still have it

Still got a couple
Where are you located