Nathan Airchime decals!

For those that were following my other thread… I wanted to move this officially to the forsale section now…

I got my decal shop to make them for us…

Here is what it looks like on my truck…

And here they are in raw form…

I got a bunch of extra silver since that is the most popular, 2 extra white ones, and one extra Black “Airchime Equipped” (thankyou “ear2ear” for designing that one)

Cost is $12 for the first one and the second is $10 when shipped in same package. These prices are including shipping , and obviously US $ only… Elsewhere, please email me for quote.

For those that ordered 2 at first, you are guaranteed that amount. But for those that did not pre order , please confirm with me before paying if you want a second so i can make sure i dont run out of it, or that color…

Here’s the list of those that pre-ordered in the other thread:

The preferred way to pay is by paypal as it is fast and secure. Others have mentioned in the other thread that sending the $ as a gift will save them / me the paypal fees… That would be great! :slight_smile: But if not i understand … I will show everyone my ebay acct with its 100% positive feedback… And there are many members on here that i have sold stuff to.

My Paypal email is

If you must send a check / money order please pm me for my address.

Also please make sure your ship to address is correct on paypal as that is the address i will use. Also put a note showing me your username on here so i know who you are . EDIT-- It looks like paypal does not include a shipping address when $ is sent, please pm it to me

If these all sell i can get more from the guy .

Thanx and any questions feel free to ask!

and one extra Black “Airchime Equipped” (thankyou “ear2ear” for designing that one)

You’re welcome.

And thank you - money sent for 1 silver!

I would like to get some of these. 2 white and 2 black “Nothing blows like a Nathan Airchime” and 2 white and 2 black “Airchime equipped” to use on my White hy-railer with black tinted windows, paypal is the only way to go for me.

PayPal sent!


Money sent. Thanks, all paypal info is current ( address and exc.)


payment corrected!

Money sent for 2, address should be fine.


ATTN everyone sending $… Please pm me your shipping address and the email address that you used on paypal as paypal does not list the shipping address when $ is just sent…

UPDATE on who paid… Those that paid, and i have your address , the decal (s), will ship tomorrow.

Scaredu- 1- Silver

Bryan -2- Silver---------------------PAID

ear2ear- 1- Silver-------------------PAID

jeep19954- 1-Silver

FamCortez1- 1- Silver

MarineOne- 1-Silver------------------------PAID -waiting for address

J.walton- 1- Silver-------------------------- PAID

Buckfever4life- 1- White

cumminshunter- 1- decal “AirChime Equipped” Black…

PM sent with my addy bro … dunno why PayPal is stupid like that.

^^ Because if you sent someone a ‘gift’, they don’t need a shipping address…lol

I threw in an extra buck for fees & did it normal…

payment coming soon… pending my paycheck…lol dont worry…

NP bud…

Little update… Out of the original pre orders.

Scaredu- 1- Silver

Bryan -2- Silver----------PAID AND SHIPPED!

ear2ear- 1- Silver------------PAID AND SHIPPED!

jeep19954- 1-Silver

FamCortez1- 1- Silver--------PAID

MarineOne- 1-Silver----------PAID -AND SHIPPED!

J.walton- 1- Silver------------- PAID AND SHIPPED!

Buckfever4life- 1- White

cumminshunter- 1- decal “AirChime Equipped” Black…

If you’ve got extra, I may end up snagging a couple from ya … just let me know.


Hey do you still have the airchime equipped one? Pm me your paypal adress. I been a little busy with the recent hail storm here in north tx. Beat the he’ll out of truck and trailer as well as one right through the skylight on my house the size of a lemon.

You have a pm

US mail?

mailed out via usps… If thats what you were asking

yup. cool.

Received! Thank you sir! Love it!
Thanks for everything! :wink:

Received and installed! thanks bro!