Nathan airchime I know nothing help please

So I bought this Nathan airchime and compressor from a buddy. The horn is missing a diaphragm in one of the 3 horns. The large horn is marked 1 the middle is 2 and the small is 4A. I don’t know what any of these numbers mean or what order to put them in also I don’t know where to get a new diaphragm or if I need 3 new diaphragms? I’m not even sure if the compressor is good enough it’s a viair 450c-ig. Also on the back of all 3 horns there are the numbers 30109. Not sure what those mean either. I can’t figure out the picture upload otherwise I’d add a few.

Ok it’s a K3
The 30109 is a part number or similar.

You need a new diaphahram and prolly the rubber seal no big deal. Crack the other 2 and check what they look like.

The diaphram is like $15 Maybee the same for the rubber ring.

Try numbers on the bells refer to there notes.

K parts are easy to find.

Replacement parts kit - diaphragms


or i can recommenced

you Have got yourself a Nathan Airchime K3HA or LA depending on the Manifold. ^^^ The link Marine one has posted is where I have gotten replacement diaphragms. Very easy to install and replace on the K series bells. We are here to Help if any more questions arise. :smiley: