Nathan airchime parts

I can’t seem to get intouch with anyone at precision to get info about ordering some replacement cork gaskets. So I am asking anyone on this forum if they can send me in the right direction to get some cork gaskets and I’ve been looking everywhere and no one has any aftermarket :Dreplacements. I am also trying to get a k3 low or high manifold I got the custom mount kit but I am not really digging it I want to be more original.

just a stab in the dark, have you looked here?

yea I looked there but they don’t have what I am looking for thanks for trying to help.

I take it your horns’ feet don’t have the o-ring grooves…

You might have to get some cork and cut out your own. Wouldn’t be too hard.

No they have the grooves just my cork gaskets are shot just looking to do some routine maintenance.

Call Tom Akers!!! I’m sure he has several gaskets.

My K3 and K5 both had the grooves and no cork gasket. I’m pretty sure you’d be fine just using the rubber o rings in the feet of the bells. I actually got some from the local auto parts store, they had a box full of rubber o rings and I picked some out that were the perfect size, voila, no leaks

need an end cap for a nathan k-5 horn ?

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