Nathan AirChime saved my life or at least some pain.

Myself and a buddy spent most of a saturday installing my Nathan K3 on my 01 F250 after which we spent the night driving around town finding poor unexpecting pedestrians and other naieve motoriststo honk at. Needless to say we had tons of fun. (my hearing suffered for the next two days!)

Well on my way home the next night, (about a two and a half hour drive thru the mountains on I5) at about one AM I had just passed a 40 ton fuel tanker truck right before I entered a construction zone which has a much slower speed zone. (70mph down to 50mph) Coming up to a slow right hand sweeping curve I noticed the truck I had forgotten about was gaining on me, not a big deal because he would be able to make that curve even at 70mph. Tha problem lied in the fact that he was not turning right with the sweeping turn, he was coming right at me!

At this point the truck was going at least 70 mph and I was going about 55mph and I had nowhere to go, I had conctete barrier on my left and a very ominous hungry looking truck on my right. I contimplated stomping on the gas but realized he is too close for me to outrun and if I slammed on the brake I would only add four more wheels to his trailer. At the last second I remembered I don’t just have a puny stock horn, I have an AirChime!

I gave the K3 a solid blast which must have woken up the sleepy driver because he immediately got the truck back into control by moving back into his lane and slowing down to the speed limit. I did’nt stick around to see if the driver was ok cuz I had to promptly change my shorts.

No joke, I sincerely believe my horn saved my life or at least some serious heart ache!

Air Chime works wonders

And I hear people say train horns are a waste of time…lol

thats what my dad says!! hahaha

so does mine. but he always laughs when i tell him my stories lol

at first when i bought my horns told them i spent 100 for the whole setup… when it was like 600. they thuoght the 100 was a waste until they were in the car and i showed them how it scares ppl…they couldnt stop laughing…then i told em how much…

at first they were like. :-0 then they were like :slight_smile:

oh yeah he laughs a lot but still thinking is a waste of money lol

loud horns are good to have in those cases. every time someone cuts me off or is a complete idiot and stopping at a freakin green light they get the horns and get the honk out of the way.

CarGuy. Where you from in kentucky

hah same both of my parents think its dumb and a waste of money. Ha yesterday i got chased because i pissed someone off.

gotta be careful thats why i have .45 down the back seat lol

Oh I just got a Gerber FastDraw knife. Its sweeeeeet. Can’t get a handgun yet :(.

up here in Boone County watching out for the Sheriffs.

Hope you like the gloss black K3HA, I built it for you.

u was the one who sold it to me?