nathan k3la

Why in most of the videos when the K3 is first blown it starts off kind of low and then increases in volume. Is there any way to set them up to have a loud burst of sound instead a low volume and then increases. Thanks…

2-Stage Valve.

Please explain, really a newbie here.

This one right here:

You Pull it a lil bit, and the “First Stage” allows only so much Air through (Light Blast) then Pull it all the way Open and it allows the “Second Stage” of Air through (Full LOUD Blast).

The are mine and I use a gw metering valve. The valve allows me to control the ammount of air the horn recieves. A selenoid valve is either open 100% or not at all. I also am putting a selenoid valve to my horns before too long so i can have immediate max db’s roaring

With practice you can use a normal 1/2 inch valve from lowes and sound the same as a 90.00 dollar valve. I like a cheap valve. I can just get one horn to sound.

true but a gw valve is spring loaded and built specifically for blowing trainhorns…and you dont need any practice

im about to buy a K3 set up and im new to this… does anyone recommend a way to get rid of this problem without the manual valve?

use a solenoid valve if you do not want the low/ high tone solenoid valve will be 100% open all the time

ok thanks for your help. yea i dont like when it sounds like they are half blowing at first. im guessing one of the smc 1/2 brass valves from hornblasters will do the trick.

I like the idea of the manual valves, but they look huge & bulky?

that’s because they are made for trains. and trains are huge and bulky. :wink: